Storage Tips


Pack books flat, not standing on end. This will protect the spines which will bend over time if stood upright. Books are very heavy, so pack them in small boxes and don’t put them in boxes with other, more fragile items.


Place mattresses in plastic covers to protect them from dust and moisture. To reduce space, stand them on their ends when placing into unit.

Leather Items

Treat leather items (couch, clothes, etc) with a leather conditioner prior to storing them. Keep furniture items off the floor by placing them on pallets. We would also recommend getting 'damp rid' or something similar to reduce the chance of damage.

Blankets, Draperies and Clothing

Have blankets, draperies and clothing cleaned. Also we recommend not packing them to tight into boxes, especially if storing over winter.

Mirrors and Pictures

Store mirrors and pictures inside similarly sized knocked down boxes. This provides them with protection from scratches and dust.

Furniture and Tables

Place blankets over furniture to protect from scratches and dust. We can provide polythene if you are worried about the concrete floors.


Photographs tend to curl over time. To keep them flat, place between pieces of cardboard and tape them together.  Do not store irreplaceable photos. Try to keep these items with you.


Breakable Items

Wrap breakable items inside bubble wrap and store with linens and place box on top.

Dishes and Glassware

Store these items in specially made boxes. If none are available we have bubble-wrap and butchers paper which you can purchase.

Pillows and Toys

Store smaller items like this in large plastic rubbish bags.


Clean and dry all whiteware prior to storage. Do not leave anything inside of appliances to be stored. Store all appliances upright with doors ajar to allow ventilation. We have bubble-wrap and butchers paper, which you can purchase to further protect your whiteware.

Lawn Mowers & Machinery

Drain petrol and oil from all small engines. This precaution will protect both your stored property and the property of others from the dangers of fire and explosion. We do not provide insurance if anything is to happen.

Do not store these items:

  • Furs, jewellery and other expensive items.
  • Used tyres, firearms, explosive items, flammables of any kind (gas, diesel, oil, paint etc), any type of hazardous items, hazardous waste materials of any kind.
  • Perishable items of any kind including food.
  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia.
  • Stolen items.
  • Items that produce strong odours.