Frequently Asked Storage Questions

Q: What can I store?

A: You can use our storage facilities to store almost anything. You might just want to free up space in your home or garage, or you may require some temporary storage because you’re going away. Many businesses use us for general storage of documents, excess stock, tools, machinery and equipment. We can also store vehicles, trailers, boats and motorhomes.

Q: What items can’t be stored?

A: You cannot store living items such as animals and plants; or food and other perishables. Also any hazardous materials – such as flammable liquids & explosives including BBQ bottles, gas heater bottles and flammable paint. Unauthorised or illegal items such as firearms, drugs or stolen goods.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The cost of the storage unit depends on the size required.  Give us a call to discuss your exact requirements. As a guide, our small units range from $65 to $177 per month, mid-range units from $186 to $294 and large units from $297 to $368. For extra large units, prices are available on application. Payment is per calendar month and must be paid in advance.

Q: Do your prices include gst?

A: Yes! All our prices include GST.

Q: What security do you have?

A: We have very secure facilities at each of our locations including 24 hour CCTV surveillance. We have electrified fences between 7:00pm and 7:00am 7 days a week. Staff on site during business hours. Entry is via a personalised proximity tag which records who enters and exits the facility and when. You provide your own padlock, which we can sell to you.

Q: Is the storage unit insured?

A: No, they are stored at your own risk. You should speak to your insurer or insurance broker and ensure you have adequate cover. If you explain all our secuirty features you should cruise through a policy.

Q Can I access my unit after hours?

A: Access hours are 7:00am - 7:00pm unless requested otherwise.

Q: What is the minimum or maximum storage time?

A: You pay for your first month up front, so we like to think 1 month is the minimum as there is no refund if you only stay 1 week.