Boxes & Packaging

Our most popular items to pack up your household.

Large packing box

Large Box

Large size cardboard box.

510mm x 380mm x 585mm.

$4.50 per item

Medium packing box

Medium Box

Medium size cardboard box.

455mm x 455mm x 350mm.

$3.50 per item

Small packing box

Small Box

Small size cardboard box.

455mm x 305mm x 305mm.

$2.50 per item


Queen Size Mattress Protector

Mattress Protectors

Protection from dirt, dust and water. Easy to slide over mattress.

Queen Size

$9.00 per item

King Size

$12.00 per item


Newsprint Furniture Wrap


50 Sheets for wrapping.

600mm x 840mm

$7.00 per item

Clear Packing Tape

Clear Packing Tape

Transparent tape for closing boxes and securing loose items.

100m x 48mm.

$5.00 per item


Bubble Wrap 5m x 65cm

Bubble Wrap

For safe storage of pictures, mirrors and fragile belongings..

5m x 65cm.

$7.00 per item

20m length

$31.00 per item

Snell Craft Knife

Snell Craft Knife

Professional cutter with comfortable grip.

$2.50 per item

Marker Pen - Vivd

Marker Pen

BIC permanent waterproof marker.

$3.50 per item


Brass and Laminated locks

Able Padlocks

Brass Packlock: $14.00


Courtesy Trailers & Trolleys

If you store with us we can make your move easier.


We have a number of trailers and trolleys available when you store with us.

Contact us for more details or book now.